Get the neck support you need.

But what is that?  People ask…”what’s the best pillow to sleep on?”

Let’s break it down.  There are three main things you want to consider in your pillow selection.

  1. Shape
  2. Height
  3. Support

A contour pillow will follow the shape of your neck, and keep it well supported.  The contour is beneficial in both, laying on the back position and laying on the side position.  So a contour pillow is better than a standard flat pillow.

The pillow height needs to be the one that will allow you to be most neutral.  So if you are on your side, it should fill the space between your head and the mattress while maintaining a straight neck position.  When you are on your back there can be a subtle lift of the head, but not a big pillow that props the head forward.  And if you are using more than one pillow, stop that.  Get a good pillow the right height for you.

Finally, it comes down to the material that the pillow is made from.  Memory foam is where you want to be.  Not feather, not poly-fill.  A foam pillow give better support and memory foam provides the best outcome that moulds to the spine and supports well.

Go premium on pillows.

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